Das Besondere am Singen ist, dass es sterben kann… so wird es unglaublich wertvoll. Jeder Ton beginnt mit seiner Geburt – gestaltet sein Leben und stirbt.

Singing is “Acting on Pitch – Singen ist Schauspiel mit genauer Tonhöhe”

“Singing is the acoustic expression of man’s thoughts and feelings on pitch”

“You can grow a day in a year – or a year in a day!” Frei übersetzt: Man kann in einem Jahr das Wissen eines Tages dazulernen – oder in einem Tag das Wissen eines ganzen Jahres!


Seelen-Nahrung und Weisheiten: 

Pavarotti: “Singing is crying on pitch”

“Jeder Ton ist wie ein Leben” Daniel Barenboim

“Die Vernunft kann nur reden – Es ist die Liebe die singt.”

“be believable” – Wahrhaftigkeit ist das Hauptziel des Singens

Konkurrenz gibt es nicht … Versucht nicht besser als andere zu sein … Arbeitet daran, die beste Version von euch zu werden

Vince Lombardy: “Practice does not make perfect Only perfect practice makes perfect

Billy Holiday: “If I am going to sing like someone else then I don`t need to sing at all”

Billy Joel: “If you are not doing what you love – you are wasting your time”

Bono: “I want to have fun and I wanna change the world- I can do both as a rockstar”

Steven Sondheim: “If I cannot fly – let me sing”

Luciano Pavarotti: “A better voice does not mean a better singer”

Brian Wilson: “I think I am a vocal genius but not a musical genius-… I consider myself as a voice not a singer …. voice is a sound … and singing is what you do with that sound”

Joanna Newsom “always more tracks are not a good … first albums are often stripped down- then the following albums get bloated” (aufgebläht)

Franky Avalon: “These kids today … everything is about hitting a vocal homerun”

Steve Perry of Journey: “I am hard on myself: when friends say “Gee that vocal is beautiful” … I hear it needs to be better”

Josh Groban: “There is no half singing in the shower ether rockstar or operadiva”

Miles Davis: “Dont play whats there … play whats not there”

Ben Folds: “I want the vocals as plain as possible”

Pavarotti: “What sane man is not afraid of high notes- of course I am afraid of high notes”

Gregan Ricus ? “When singing is correct it sounds like the voice of humanity”

Phillis Diller “A standup comic is judged by every line – singers gets applause at the end of their song no matter how bad they are”

Janis Joplin “Audiences like their blues singers to be miserable”

Seth Riggs (Lehrer von Brett Manning): “dont get carried away with styles so much that you forget to sing”

Van Monroe (sinngemäss): “Great deal of pleasure comes in putting your voice into a song that tells a story you can identify with”

Zoe Dechanel: “Tonesingers or vocal gymnastic singers” there are not a lot of tonesingers….

Seth Riggs: “you should learn to wrap your voice around the lyric”

Dolly Parton: “I would sell records even out of my cars trunk” She has a now palace in Brentwood and in Pigeon Forge.  Sie beschäftigt über 3000 Mitarbeiter.

Rene Fleming: “Any time I am preparing for a concert …. it is a constant warming up, and the feeling… where is my voice today”

Pavarotti: “You don’t need any brain to listen to music”

James Micholas: “Stop listening to yourself… when the audience is also listening… who is then singing?

Elvis: “I didn’t copy my style from anybody”

Reeva Macintyre: “Singing sad songs is a healing situation- it gets the hurt out into the light from the darkness”

Bono: “make mistakes but recover from them”

Ella Fitzgerald: “The only thing I love better than singing is more singing”

Paul McCartney: “when you get old you ask: how long and what do I do with the time

Amy Winehouse: “the more you play an instrument the better you sing the better you sing the better you play”

Bocelli: “Maria Callas and Franco Corelli were widely critizised… happen to be also the best singers …  I am honored to be part of their group”

Taylor Swift: “I didn’t want to be just another girl singer … I wanted there to be something that sets me apart”

Cher: “I don’t consider myself as a singer but an entertainer … I do it best on stage”

Barbra Streisand: “I just became a singer because i didnt get a job as an actress”

Edda James: “Singing is only about the connection with the song and the history behind it”

Martin Luther: “As long as we live there is never enough singing”

“Listen to the man … if you can” A quote can help in making decisions.

SUNNY MALOUF: “A song can change someone’s life”

“To do is to be” (Sokrates)

“To be is to do” (Plato)

“Do be do be do” (Sinatra)

Seth Riggs: “Great singing will always out live bad singing”